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Billy's Weather Banter: (Sunday 7/20/14 @ 11:50pm)

This is it... I can't believe it.  My final MHW update... so how about we do this one last time?... For old times' sake...

I never thought this day would come, I mean... I suppose I did, but I never knew how it was going to end.  This is by far the best way I could imagine it ending.  But all week long... it's been a bit of a struggle.  Lot of reminiscing and a bit of a sad feel to the "end" of MHW.

But not tonight...  Tonight, I'm very happy!  I've spent this "farewell tour" thinking about all the things that are ending, that won't happen anymore.  Closing down MHW, all the designs I created, "Billy's Banter", "Pure" Long Range Speculation, the "Storm Center"... the fruit of 6 years of work is in fact ending.

But all those ideas, some of the designs, and almost all of you are coming with me... and that's reason to celebrate!  As of this moment, I'm 100% on team HVW, and all the energy I put into MHW... is now going into HVW.  Alex and I are already working on things and discussing how to improve others.  His goal is the same as mine... create the best possible product for all of you... and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way.  I could sit and think of this as "the end"... or, I can think of this as "the beginning".

This is the beginning of something very special.  Alex and I have been "competing" if you will for years... and had spoken very little until the day it all changed.  Thursday, June 26, 2014.  That was "first contact" if you will... when Alex graciously reached out to me and proposed this "crazy" idea of the 2 of us teaming up to do something very special.  For a couple days I bounced the idea around... thinking about all the things you can read about from the past 4 days posts (leaving up the final 4 days of posts permanently on MHW).  In the end... it was a no-brainer.  I spent a lot of time 2nd guessing myself... but I always came back to the fact that this was a can't miss idea.  And boy... I've never been more confident that this was the right thing to do.  I can't get into details... but let me just say this... Come hang with us at HVW, and you won't be disappointed.

So this is it my friends... Thank you for all the amazing memories.  Thank you for the inspiration to do something more than I ever thought I could possibly do.  More importantly... Thank You for the dozens and dozens of wonderful words you've shared with me in the past week.  Beautifully kind words of encouragement about the future... wonderful compliments on all that we accomplished in the past.  You guys have always been... and will always be... my motivation.  You're the reason I have done this for 6 years... and the reason why I will continue this journey with Hudson Valley Weather.  The future is bright, and it's going to be fun.  MHW teaming up with HVW?  Who 'da thunk it?  Here we go...

This has been Mid Hudson Weather.... signing off.... Good night.

Saturday 7/19/14 (1 day remaining)
Well... 24 hours from now, I'll be posting my final MHW update.  The more I think about the specifics, the little things... the harder it is.  So I haven't been focusing on those things... because there is no point.  I have read countless e-mails, notes and comments from fans over the past few days... and everyone's thoughts and ideas are being heard.  I don't have time to respond to everyone... but trust me... I'm not just reading and deleting.

This has been the most exhausting few days... mentally, emotionally and physically.  I've been up past 2am for 3 straight nights... and I'm hoping to not keep that streak alive tonight.  I'm pulling double duty, while I try to ease into HVW and depart MHW... in fact, I just fell asleep (12:08am Sunday).  So let me just get to the point tonight.

You guys rock.  I could spin it a few different ways, but I do what I do, because of you.  Your support is tremendous, and you make it fun to share the weather with you.  I'm going to do the same exact thing on HVW.  Daily rambling commentary, where we rehash the days events, and we take a look at the next few days. 

I'm going to keep it personal... because that's what has made MHW what it is.  So I suppose it's fitting that Saturday was my daughter's 3rd birthday party.  Her birthday isn't actually until next weekend... but we celebrated this week.  We had a great day.  It's hard to believe that almost 3 years ago, I was sitting in a hospital waiting for this little one to be born.  Time flies... so hopefully she'll grow up a little slower, so that her Daddy has a chance to enjoy it more.  Or... Daddy needs to take every opportunity to enjoy days like Saturday... because they don't stay young forever. 


Please send any questions or comments to my e-mail account.  You can also use Facebook to contact me.
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                   MHW 5 Day Forecast
                                      (Last Updated : July 20, 2014)
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
  Clouds &
PM T-Storms
AM Storms
PM Sun
High Mid 80s High 80s Near 90º High 70s Near 80º
Low Near 60º High 60s High 60s High 50s High 50s
                       Detailed Local Forecast
                                  Updated :  Sunday @ 11:30pm
Monday:  Clouds and sunshine, slightly more humid.  A spot thundershower late in the day can't be ruled out.  High in the low to mid 80s.  Chance of rain 30%.  Light south wind.
Monday Night:  Mostly cloudy.  Low near 60.
Tuesday:  Hazy sunshine mixing with clouds.  Warm with isolated afternoon thunderstorms.  High in the mid to upper 80s.  Chance of rain 40%.
Tuesday Night:  Variable clouds.  Low in the upper 60s.
Wednesday:  Clouds mixing with sunshine, followed by scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon.  Hazy and humid.  High near 90º.  Chance of rain 50%.
Today's Averages
High Temperature:  85º      Low Temperature:  61º
July so far (7/20) + 1.6º vs. Average
Mid Hudson Weather's final post will be:
Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friday 7/18/14 (2 days remaining)
So... we're 2 days away from my final regular update of MHW.  It's really getting tougher and tougher for me.  The outpouring of support has been unbelievable.  I never knew how much you guys liked the format of MHW.  I spent years fine tuning how the layout was setup, and apparently my efforts were not in vain.  I'm flattered that you guys liked MHW as much as you did. 

I can assure you... that there are pieces of MHW that will be finding a new home at HVW.  The layout will be different... there is no sugar-coating that.  What you see with one click to MHW... is not what you will see when you first reach HVW.  But the radar is one click away, the 5 day forecast is 1 click away... the capability to have everything on page is not there, it's just not the way the website is structured.

But that doesn't mean we won't be making changes, or fine tuning things either.  The feedback has been read by both me and Alex, and we're already talking about things we want to look into... and things that we want to leave the same.  I'm not going to sit here and say every suggestion will result in a change... but Alex and I are both committed to creating the best product, and then get you the best information.  That means listening to the criticism, and deciding what changes you want to make... and what ones you actually 'can'.

There's a fine balance that needs to be struck between automation and manual updates.  I spend nearly an hour every day just updating the 5 day forecast & local forecast... not factoring in anything else.  With only so many hours in the day, sometimes tough decisions need to be made.  We're not willing to sacrifice what has made MHW and HVW a resource you trust... which is that personal, manual touch... but what I did with MHW was probably going to result in me having a breakdown this winter.  Spending 5+ hours a night manually updating every aspect was too much.

I'm just asking you to keep an open mind as we go thru this.  Don't let the fact that HVW doesn't look just like MHW stop you.  Trust me... nobody loves the MHW format more than me.  But with an open mind, some ideas, possibly some tweaking... I think we have a lot to look forward to.

Thursday 7/17/14 (3 days left)
Change is often a good thing.  In my mind... this time... change is a great thing.  But that doesn't mean that all parts of that change have to be fun.  Terminating MHW sucks.  Plain and simple.  I can say that... and I think Alex will 100% understand where I'm coming from.

I'm not at all upset about joining HVW... the total opposite in fact.  But lets do some simple math....

-  MHW has existed since 2008... roughly 6 years.
-  Up until 2011, I'd say I averaged 6 hours a week on MHW.
-  In 2012, I would say I averaged over 1.5hrs a day... or 
   roughly 11 hours per week
-  In 2013, that jumped to 2.0hrs a day
-  In 2014, it jumped again to 2.5hrs a day

That means that I spent roughly 312 hours a year in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (pro-rated in 2008, as I started the website in October)... so for that time period... roughly 1014 hours.  In 2012, roughly 547 hours.  In 2013, roughly 730 hours.  In 2014 so far... roughly 490 hours.

That's a grand total of 2781 hours on MHW... or 116 days!  I have spent 116 complete days (24 hour days)... or if you want to think of MHW as a job (I know sometimes I did)... if you assume a basic job has an 8 hour work day, I got up and went to work at MHW for 347 days... almost a full year of my life... spent working on MHW.

Now, those are just conservative estimates... considering there were plenty of nights this past winter where I started working at 9pm and finished at 3am.  But the point is simple... MHW has been a major part of my life over the past 6 years.  Shutting it down... is still hard to believe.  

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HVW Facebook Page.
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(UPDATED 3/13/14)

as of 7/16/14:

Actual Normal % of Normal
January 1.50" 3.08" 48.7%
February  2.78" 2.66" 104.5%
March 2.75" 3.57" 77.0%
April 4.43" 3.78" 117.2%
May 2.57" 4.41" 58.3%
June 2.29" 4.43" 51.7%
July (so far) 4.12"  2.33"  176.8%
Year To Date 20.44" 24.26" 84.3%

Beyond the Basics is a section that takes an indepth look at recent and pending weather events and other weather related topics.

  Bill Potter to Join Hudson Valley Weather
posted: Wednesday 7/16/14 @ 5:00pm

It's been 6 years since I created Mid Hudson Weather in 2008.  What started out as a tiny operation... has turned into a large, fun, interactive ride.  Mid Hudson Weather (MHW) has had over One Million web hits during it's existence, with over 700,000 hits between October 2013 and July 2014 alone.
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