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Daily Weather Update : (Wednesday 4/23/14 @ 12:10am)

Thank you so much for the nice comments about reaching 1,000,000 hits.  It's great to be able to share that achievement with all of you, since it's you who got MHW to that point.  It's kind of cool to hit such a big number... now we can go for 2 million. 

I just spent about 30 minutes of my Tuesday night trying to update features on MHW.  At the top of the page, I have the "Current Conditions" courtesy of Weather Underground.  They recently updated their website, so I was hoping they would update their Current Condition buttons as well.  I think they are updating them, but are not finished yet.  Many of you may know, currently... I have major restrictions about the locations I can pull "Current Conditions" for.  I'm hoping to have total control over those cities again, and will keep you posted.

So now that I've wasted a good portion of my evening, lets look at the weather... because after this, I have more 'behind the scenes' work to do.

Tuesday turned out ok... especially until early afternoon.  Poughkeepsie hit a high temperature of 73º, so it's kinda hard to complain about that.  Then the rains set in... and they weren't all that heavy, but they dampened the Hudson Valley for the afternoon on Tuesday.

Wednesday will see a mix of sun and clouds... but a northwest breeze will be very noticeable.  High temps will be much cooler... only in the mid 50s... and with the wind, it will feel much "uglier" than Tuesday.  Don't get me wrong... it's not a horrible day, but it's not great either.  Wednesday night, the wind dies down and the temps fall to near freezing.  So there is a decent chance that we'll see some frost across the area.  Something to think about if you have already planted this spring.

Thursday doesn't look much better.  Sunshine will dominate the day, and the wind will be less, but the temperatures won't get warmer than the mid 50s again.  So after a couple days in the low 70s... temps in the mid 50s are not going to make people too happy I'm afraid.

Looking toward the weekend... it's a coin flip of sorts.  We could see some showers late in the day Friday, but most of the day is dry.  The weekend then looks fairly decent... at least in terms of sunshine.  The big question that needs to be answered... is what kind of air mass are we in?

There is some data that pushes us up toward 70 degrees on Saturday and close to that again on Sunday.  But... there is also some data that suggests we're stuck in the mid 50s on Saturday and Sunday.  That's a big difference when trying to generate a forecast.  I think that the GFS data (50s) is off base... and tries to drag too much Canadian air into the northeast.  I think we'll hold onto a southwest flow for most of the weekend, which is what the EURO is suggesting.  So I'm going for tempered optimism right now in the 5 day forecast.  Lets hope that I'm right... because this forecast doesn't look too terrible.

Alright... it's way too late once again.  I'm calling it a night.  Maybe Wednesday will be the day that I get some of the things done that I wanted to get done.  Time just runs away from you sometimes... Well, I hope you have a great day on Wednesday.  It's "hump day", which I'm sorry to say, always reminds me of Geico now.  Oh well... have a great day everyone..

Please send any questions or comments to my e-mail account.  You can also use Facebook to contact me.


Skywarn Class Offered May 12th (click for more info)

- Tired of not seeing your town reported in snow totals?
- Don't think your town's snow totals are accurate?
Taking a Skywarn course could allow you to report your totals to the National Weather Service, and there is a local one soon...

MHW Article in New Paltz Times


A month ago, Deb, an editor at Ulster Publishing, contacted me about a possible story for the New Paltz Times.  They wanted to do a profile on me personally, and MHW.  Well, the article came out in last week's edition of the New Paltz Times... and as of Tuesday morning, it was posted online
Link to New Paltz Times article here

I want to thank Mike Townshend for writing the piece.  We had a chance to speak for a little less than an hour, and he did a nice job of summarizing my trademark rambling.  I also want to thank Lauren Thomas, who had the unenviable task of trying to capture an image of me where I didn't look like a clown.  I'm not photogenic, which made her job that much harder.  But we had some fun with it... as my broken umbrella actually got turned inside out by the wind.  I am flattered that there is even interest in such a thing for MHW.  So thank you to everyone up there at New Paltz Publishing for giving me a chance to introduce myself to a potentially wider audience...
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For the 2013 - 2014 winter season, I will continue to notify readers by e-mail of pending winter storms.  

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I will use this service to give you advance notice (2 to 3 days) on the potential for significant weather events.  These are potential storms that could have a high impact on our area.  Smaller storms, while still potentially hazardous, may not generate an e-mail.

Feel free to e-mail me at any point to be added or removed from this list..

Storm Grading Relocated
I've been updating the look and feel of parts of MHW, and decided that the 'Winter Storm Forecast Accuracy' section needed to be reinvented.  Instead, I plan to do a 'storm recap' after each storm... and then archive it. 
I've graded myself since the start of MHW, and will continue to evaluate my performance, so that I can give you the reasons behind the success or failure of a forecast.


I graduated from Wallkill Senior HS.  I graduated from SUNY Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  I took a handful of meteorology courses in college, but chose not to major in meteorology because I didn't want to ruin my passion for the weather by making it a 'job'... I have been forecasting the weather since 1992.  I am NOT a licensed meteorologist, but have 20+ years experience in weather forecasting and knowledge of weather phenomenon.  I created this website in 2008, because having lived in the valley all my life, I know that a detailed, reliable forecast is sometimes difficult to come by, especially in the winter.  My goal is to provide a forecast that is centered on the Mid Hudson Valley... get you the info in a direct and useful format... and provide a little entertainment along the way.  I do have a full time job, and I operate this site in my free time... Hope you enjoy it!
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  Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
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Clouds &
High Mid 50s High 50s Low 60s Mid 60s Low 60s
Low Low 30s Low 30s High 30s Mid 30s High 30s
                       Detailed Local Forecast
                               .  Updated :  Tuesday @ 10:00pm
Wednesday:  Breezy and much cooler, with clouds mixing with sunshine.  High in the mid 50s.
Wednesday Night:  Clear and very cold, with frost likely.  Low in the low 30s.
Thursday:  Mostly sunny and cool.  High in the upper 50s.
Thursday Night:  Partly cloudy and very cold.  Low in the low 30s.
Friday:  Increasing clouds, with scattered showers possible late in the afternoon.  High in the low 60s.  Chance of rain 40%.
Today's Averages
High Temperature:  64º      Low Temperature:  39º
April so far (4/22) + 1.8º vs. Average
(UPDATED 4/14/14) 
(UPDATED 4/11/14)
(UPDATED 3/13/14)

(per the National Weather Service)

**Note: No reports for Orange or Putnam County were provided to the
National Weather Service.  Poughkeepsie officially reported 0.2"

Poughkeepsie March Statistics:

- Monthly Temperature was 5.2º Below Average

- Coldest March on record since 1996 (also 5.2º Below Avg.)

- 21 of 31 days saw below normal temperatures
    (11 days were colder than 10 degrees below average)

- Temp dropped below 0º in March for 1st time since 2003
    (-2º on March 4, 2014 .... -9º on March 7, 2003)

- Total Poughkeepsie Snowfall for the month : 0.1"

- Record Low Temperature of 0º set on March 1, 2014

as of 4/5/14:

Normal Annual Snowfall  38.9" 
Actual 2012 - 2013 Snowfall  40.9" 
Actual 2013 - 2014 Snowfall  59.4" 

Beyond the Basics is a section that takes an indepth look at recent and pending weather events and other weather related topics.

posted: Monday 2/24/14 @ 11:55pm

I saw a map shared on Facebook a few times in the past 24 hours, and I've spent a day trying to "get over it"... but I just can't.  It goes back to the same thing that I posted an article about a month ago.  An online weather provider based out of California... run by a man with the same credentials as me... posted this map on Sunday
(click to read entire article)


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